3 Real Life Examples Why You Need Wedding Insurance!

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Its true, most weddings are real-life fairytales and end in happily ever after but when you have seen as many weddings as I have inevitably there are a few disasters.

You can never be too careful when it comes to your (and your parents & loved ones) hard earned money. With the average wedding costing a little over £20K we are not talking chump change, so get it protected! I 100% recommend that every bride gets some kind of wedding insurance.

Here are 3 real life situations that I have seen in my own wedding planning career which I hope will convince you that the unexpected can happen and you have to be prepared for anything.

1. The Hurricane

I had never seen anything like it. It was totally unexpected and a day I will never forget.

This wedding was to be set in one of the grandest marquees I have ever had the pleasure of ordering. It had 6 rooms and was to seat 320 elite guests for a 5 course fine dining meal. No expense was spared, this bride and her family were out to WOW, with ice sculptures, a raw fish bar, full can-can dancer display and enough flowers to fill a London market.

It was the morning of the wedding and I remember commenting to one of the bridesmaids “rain on your wedding day is good luck” (one of my staple lines during implement weather, true, of course). Unfortunately, this day it was not. To the surprise of even the meteorologist, that day we were to witness a freak hurricane.

The wedding didn’t start until 2:00pm but the winds started about 9:00am, just as most of the suppliers were arriving to set-up. Soon the marquee walls started flapping, then the pegs holding the ropes stared jittering. I called the marquee company who quickly arrived to help, but by then the rain had become torrential. It seemed the ground around the marquee instantly flooded. The winds were so high about 11:00am that the 30-foot wooden marquee poles stared to sway.

I will never forget the sight of the father-of-the-bride hugging (trying to hold up) the centre pole in his dripping wet tuxedo, screaming in disbelief “this is not happening!”

It was 11:30am when we evacuated the marquee. By 12:30 it had all tumbled to the ground.

2. The Stagg Accident

As the groom and all his close friends were motorcycle enthusiasts the best (and only) option for the stagg celebration was a 3-day motorcycle tour across France.

Unfortunately, the 2nd day the journey was cut short by the groom-to-be going off the road and tumbling down a mountain, breaking one of his legs, his left arm, and right collarbone.

He, his bride, and especially his best man, were all eternally grateful that he came out alive. But sadly as the wedding was scheduled for 3 days after his accident the wedding could not go ahead.

3. The No-Show

This story, when it comes to the importance of having wedding insurance, is the most sad.

This bride and mother-of-the-bride (MOB) were extremely organized. I met with this bride & MOB often (much more than an average client) to discuss details, changes and give them regular updates. The groom however was a bit of a mystery. I never met him as he was stationed overseas in the military.

As with all my clients I recommend they invest in Wedding Insurance. However, as they believed they had meticulously planed, and were on top of, every detail of the arrangements (a lot of the planning they insisted on doing themselves) they did not think it necessary.

The day before the wedding I was called to an emergency meeting at the venue. It was a brides’ worst nightmare. The groom had sent a letter from where he was stationed overseas, he was not coming.

Obviously the bride was devastated. Without insurance her money and hard work would be wasted so she had no choice but to go ahead. She decided to un-invite the grooms (few) guests and instead of the reader board showing “Welcome to the Wedding of Mr & Mrs Brown*” it read “Welcome to the Taylor* Family Party”.

(*names were changed to protect the parties involved)

I know these are extreme examples and the chances of them happening to you are slim to none. But, here are a few more reasons you would need wedding insurance:

• Illness
• Venue closure
• Supplier liquidation
• Loss or damage of wedding dress
• Cars, cake, caterers not showing up
• Photographer equipment failure

I hope I got the message through if not here it is again… Get wedding insurance! I promise you, on behalf of The Hurricane, The Stagg Accident and The No-Show, you wont regret it!

Blow are a few reputable UK companies I recommend:

John Lewis Wedding Insurance

Wedding Plan Insurance

Don’t delay, NOW is the best time!

Comment below with a “Hell, yeah, I got my wedding insurance sorted.” Be proud to be prepared!

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