3 Things You MUST Do Before You Spend a Penny On Your Wedding!!

Wedding Planning is hard enough, but if you jump in without a plan it can become complete chaos!

Before you spend a penny on your wedding-5It is easy to get caught up in the romance and excitement of your engagement, and so you should, but at the same time there are things you MUST do before you start spending or I can guarantee you will have regrets, spend money you don’t need to and loose your sanity!

You only get one chance to plan your wedding lets make sure it goes perfectly from the very start all the way to the honeymoon suite.

Here are 3 things you MUST do before you spend a penny on your wedding…

1. Set Your Budget & Priorities

What do you want for your wedding? What is most important to you? What are the items you can’t live without and what do you not really care about having? These are the questions you have to ask yourself when planning your wedding.

To keep your budget on track you have to be clear with your wants & needs at the very beginning or else you will end up overspending, going into unnecessary debt, and stressing out. Let’s face it, even celebrities have a spending limit, sure it is much more then the average bride & groom, but that is even more reason you have to keep things on track.

Knowing what you want to spend your money on and how much you can afford in each area will help you make informed decisions, help you negotiate and choose the best wedding suppliers for you. It will help you save time by giving you a clear plan to follow and stop you from spending money on items you will later regret investing your hard-earned money on.

I have written a guide entitled: Your Budget: How To Make It, Stick To It and Create Your Perfect Wedding With It, this guide will help you set your spending priorities, help you be realistic with what you can do with your personal budget and give you guidelines on what you should be spending in each area of your wedding budget.

2. Create Your Guest List

How big is your wedding going to be? Do you want a grand affair or something more intimate? Will your budget allow for the amount of guests you are thinking of inviting?

You will hear me say over and over again… “when it comes to weddings, I believe it is better to treat 50 guests like royalty than invite 200 people to a sub-par affair.” your biggest expense is the money you spend on your guests, as it should be! They are giving up their day, buying a dress, traveling, getting babysitters, they have booked accommodation, bought you a gift, etc, etc, all for YOU! You HAVE to show them a good time!

The number of guests and who you invite effects so many of your wedding planning decisions. Like the size and location of your venue, needs of guests like children or guests with disabilities, accommodation requirements, transportation, dietary requirements, and on and on. You have to write your guest list first to make sure you plan accordingly or you may end up having to make changes to your bookings, which will be costly.

The guide to help you with your guest list is entitled: Wedding Guest List: Creating, Cutting & Dealing With The Guilt, this guide will really make you think about which people you want to invite and ensure you are surround by only the people you really want (and can afford) to have at your special day.

3. Choose a Wedding Style

What is your theme? What colours have you chosen? How are you going to create a look that flows throughout every aspect of your wedding day?

I have been planning weddings for a long time, and although a love most parts by far my favourite part is style. Fashion, decor and the little details are what I find make a real difference and I love it! But sadly, I have seen it go horribly wrong.

The key to creating a magnificent style that flows throughout your wedding day is to choose it at the very beginning of your planning. Countless times brides have come to me 6-month into their wedding planning and have a mish-mash of items they bought when they first got engaged that they don’t even like anymore or that aren’t in-tune with their final chosen theme. I have seen brides who have bought 3-4 different dresses for their bridesmaids because they keep changing their mind about the style they want… what a waste of money!!

Before you spend a penny take my free Find Your Wedding Style Quiz, this quiz will help you narrow down your individual style. Then once you have chosen your style you can look at every item you are thinking of purchasing and ask yourself “is that in-line with my wedding style?” If the answer is ‘yes’ buy it! If it is ‘no’ keep looking, the right ones is out there somewhere. If you keep making decisions in this way from the very beginning your style will flow throughout your day and once it has all comes together, for the only time, on your wedding day, you will be so amazed by what you have created!

Hopefully you are reading this at the very beginning of your wedding planning so you can follow these steps to put you on the right track. But if not that is ok too, no matter where you are in your journey don’t make another decision and put your credit card away! Download these guides, take the free quiz and get yourself organised. Your sanity can thank me later ;)

So what did you think? Leave your [kind & loving] comments about the Guides and Quiz below…

P.S. OK, yes you have to invest a whopping £1.98 to download the guides I listed above, but that is less than the price of one wedding favour! It is the best two quid you will spend on your wedding, so just do it!!

Here are the tools you need again:
Your Budget: How To Make It, Stick To It and Create Your Perfect Wedding With It
Wedding Guest List: Creating, Cutting & Dealing With The Guilt
Find Your Wedding Style Quiz

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