Adding Romance to Your Wedding!

As part of my job I have to be an avid follower of wedding trends. Sadly, I have found that over the past few years the trends have been heavily focused on things like: sky-high wedding cakes, centerpieces with 1,000+ flowers, wedding ceremonies with enough candles to light a small town, blurred photo’s and how to be the most ‘unique’ bride. Now all this is fine in moderation, but what I want to know is where has all the romance gone?

So to try and put a little romance back into weddings here are a few ideas that, no matter what your budget or how ‘unique’ you want to be, you can do to bring the love into your wedding.

1. Personalise your wedding vows
If you have a way with words by all means sit down with a pen & paper and write down your true inner feelings. But if you are not, that is ok too, you can still personalize your vows with romantic poems or prayers that are meaningful to you. Talk with your officient, as them for ideas or just search the internet for wedding vows and see what hits your heart.

For example, when I was married our registrar read out an Irish prayer about two souls finding each other over distant lands. Since my husband is Irish and I am American this really meant a lot to us as a couple and really added a personal touch to our ceremony. And just a side note… our registrar found the prayer and read it out, so no pressure on us, but still full of romance!

2. Giving each other gifts the morning of the wedding.
No one knows your fiancé better than you do. You know what they want and that will make them smile. Getting ‘the perfect gift’ the morning of your wedding will really ignite your fire for each other. Discuss the gift giving prior, set a budget (the smaller the budget the harder they have to work to be romantic – which is a good thing) and really go all out to make one another feel special.

To narrow things down you could choose a theme like; What I’ve always wanted, a gift for the honeymoon, something to wear at the wedding or be a little saucy. Have fun with it!

3. Plan an escape
Although your wedding day is about you as a couple, is it hard to get some alone time with 100+ of your nearest and dearest hanging around, so schedule some alone time. Even if it just to say, “I love you husband” for the first time, or have a proper snuggle as husband & wife, it is important to just take a breath and have 15-20 minutes to remember what the day is truly all about. Some good times to escape are:

  • Just after the ceremony- your guests will expect you to be away taking pictures anyway, so as long you don’t keep them waiting too long, have your driver take a few extra trips around the block or take a detour and stop at the beach.
  • After dinner- Most likely your venue will have to make some changes to the room to get it ready for the evening reception. So instead of going to the bar with the rest of the guests escape to the honeymoon suite for some 1-on-1 time. Just make sure to be back before the first dance ;)


Photograph by: Addy Izzy Photography


4. Choose a 1st dance song that is meaningful to you as a couple

What drives me crazy are all these wedding 1st dance playlists full of the sappiest love songs by Michael Bolton. Now, if Michael is your thing don’t get me wrong, that is ok, what I am saying is that the song you choose for your first dance doesn’t have to be current, trendy or niche, what it should be is meaningful to you as a couple.

If your eyes first met at a reggae club when Bob Marley’s Buffalo Solider was playing and that has always been ‘your song’ dance to that! Did you meet while on holiday in the Catskill Mountains? Then time to dust off your dancing shoes and learn that Dirty Dancing lift! (Dirty Dancing was set in the Catskill Mountains, for all of you who aren’t a big a fan as I am). What I am saying is, it doesn’t matter what you choose, as long as it is romantic and personal to you.

5. Plan a surprise like only you can!
A romantic gesture can come in so many forms and it depends 100% on the giver and receiver- who they are and what they like. Since your wedding day is going to be the most amazing & romantic day of your life, you might as well go all out and plan a special surprise for your partner that will blow them away!

Here are a few examples I have seen over the years to give you inspiration:

  • Learn to sing their favourite song and sing it at the wedding.
  • Perform a dance routine
  • Have your partner picked up in their dream car
  • Write them a poem or song
  • Arrange for a celebrity or their favourite band to make a surprise appearance
  • Book a dream honeymoon and announce it at the wedding
  • Fly in a relative that they thought couldn’t make it

Ok, you get the idea. Romance comes in so many forms, although seldom in designer labels or ‘WOW factor’ so when you set your wedding priorities, please don’t forget to make one of them romance!

OK your turn… what are you going to do (or what did you do) to bring the romance into your wedding day? Comment below…

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